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BRO. Aspi Khurshedji Byramji, D.S.M.


Greetings to all the visitors to this, the Web Site of the District Grand Lodge of India under the aegis of the Grand Lodge of Scotland.

This is the first time that I am corresponding with you after I have been honoured by the Grand Lodge of Scotland to head our District in India as the Rt. Wor. District Grand Master with effect from 25th October 2007. I was duly installed at the able hands of my illustrious predecessor Bro. Bomi S. Mehta in the presence of Wor. Brethren from all four Masonic Constitutions functioning in India and of some very eminent Masonic Brethren from Scottish District Grand Lodges from overseas as well.

Our District is the second oldest overseas District of the Grand Lodge of Scotland and has continued to operate under various titles since 1836. Our District comprises of 29 Masonic Lodges of which 12 are located in Mumbai and the rest are spread over various places in India. From this Web Site visitors and students of Masonic history can collect a lot of information about Scottish Freemasonry as it had existed and evolved over the last hundred and seventy years and more.

Scottish Brethren have included a “who’s who” of the Social Strata right from its inception until now. Governors of the erstwhile East India Company, members of the peerage. Medical practitioners, gazetted officers of the Defence Services, eminent citizens in all walks of life and politicians and beaurocrats have donned the Scottish apron and sat shoulder to shoulder with other Brethren, not as fortunate as themselves.

Much material has been added to this web site from time to time by my illustrious predecessor, Bro. Bomi S. Mehta, for whom it is a labour of love, and I have requested him to continue to render this service to Scottish Freemasonry in general and to our District Grand Lodge in particular in future as well.

Most of you will, by now, be familiar with the charitable and benevolent projects undertaken by our District through the Scottish Masonic Fund of Benevolence’s “Project Committee” and “Ruling Masters’ Guild’” in past years.

Freemasonry in Mumbai is for over a hundred years, mainly conducted from the Freemasons’ Hall located at Damodardas Sukhadwalla Marg, near the Chatrapati Shivaji Terminus in the Fort Area. This building which is more than 110 years in age has lost its pristine appearance over the last several years due to age and inadequate funds for refurbishing it. The building is built on a plot of land taken on a long term lease since the British India days at the time of closing of the nineteenth century. It is jointly owned by the Rt. Wor. District Grand Masters of the District Grand Lodge of Bombay (E.C.) and the District Grand Lodge of India (S.C.)

We have now decided to form a Fund Raising Sub-Committee comprising of members from the Scottish, English, Irish and Indian Constitutions to find out ways and means to raise funds for this project of repairing and renovating this magnificent structure. Future updates of this Web Site will report on the advances which have been made in the noble venture.

We all owe a debt of gratitude to our late Bro. Larry Grant who conceived the idea of setting up this Web Site. At the same time I cannot forget our Bro. Furokh T. Santoke, Past Master, Lodge Rising Star of Western India, No. 342 for his devoted efforts in updating this Site. May his services in this direction continue for long.

Dear Visitor, I appreciate your patience and interest in visiting our Web Site. If it has contributed in some way by providing useful information to you, it is enough of a reward for us. If you have some suggestions which we can incorporate, we will be only too pleased if you will mail them to us. You may alternatively contact us by email at

With cordial fraternal greetings to you and other prospective visitors,

Aspi K. Byramji
Rt. Wor. District Grand Master.