Lodge Charity No. 783 at Bandikui, Rajasthan

Constituted on 4th February 1892
Consecrated on 27th April 1892
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The Lodge meets at Bandikui, in Rajasthan state. Bandukui is a small town, which earlier was an important railway junction.

A picture of the original Foundation Stone of the building which houses the Temple.

A snapshot of the keystone of the arch at the entrance to the Temple within the Lodge building.

The All Seeing Eye within the Temple. This is an illuminated and impressive location in the Temple.

A picture of the Jewels and Collars of the Lodge. These have an impressive history behind them and are treasured items.

The banner of the Lodge, in a rich background colour, also has the name of the Lodge mentioned on it.

Multi-purpose Medical Check-up Camp held by the R W Master, Bro. D. K. Godika and Brethren of the Lodge in Bandikui at the Sonali Secondary School, Bandikui on Sunday, 3rd February 2002. 326 School children and 113 citizens of the area received free medical treatment by specialists from Jaipur.

Participation in the Fair held by Brightland School, Jaipur on 11th May 2002, with the support of Past Master, Bro. Sumer Singh and members of the Lodge. A Food Stall was set up and eatables from Bandikui were sold at cost to the school children.