Lodge Barton No. 475 at Lonavla, Maharashtra

Constituted on 4th November 1867
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The Lodge meets at Lonavla, a hill station just 100 kms. from Mumbai. A peaceful little township where people from Mumbai go for a break. The building shown alongside houses the Temple and also has rooms for an overnight stay for members coming in from Mumbai (100 km. away) and Pune (60 km. away).

The Lodge Banner is shown alongside. The banner also mentions the place where the Lodge Tyles.

The apron and collar of the Master are shown alongside.

The Past Masters' Jewel, which is presented to an outgoing Master for services rendered to the Lodge during his tenure as Master.

A view of the interior of the Temple of Lodge Barton.

Some of the marble plaques put on the wall outside the Temple to commemorate milestones in the history of the Lodge.

A "JASHAN" ceremony being performed as part of the annual Thanksgiving festivity. This is not a Masonic ritual; but a Parsi Zoroastrian ritual normally done as a Thanksgiving for the good year that was, as also asking for continuance of His bounty.