Message from
Bro. Kersi Jamshedji Limathwalla


of the

As I address you today, I consider it both as a Privilege and a Prerogative to address my Brethren of the Scottish District in India and have also to express my most sincere gratitude to you all for having re-elected me to this venerated position for a second term in office.

I am overwhelmed with the support and co-operation extended to me by the Brethren of the Scottish District in India who had stood with me not only during my earlier term of office at the helm of the Scottish District in India, but also for them not being found sparing in their effort to promote my candidature for the second term.

As I prepare myself to enter my second term, I am well conversant with the onerous duties that entail my assuming charge, but I can only reiterate that I shall not be found wanting in promoting the general good of Scottish Freemasonry which has now been in existence for centuries. This being moreover so, when we look forward to the Grand Lodge shortly celebrating its tercentenary and Scottish Freemasonry scaling the pinnacle of glory in the times to come.

When I speak of Scottish Freemasonry, let me emphasise that it is one of the oldest Masonic Orders in the World with a plethora of values, since individual Lodges have been known to exist many centuries ago, right from the days of the Operative Masons. The Grand Lodge of Scotland was constituted much later in the year 1729,that is twelve years after the United Grand Lodge of England came into being in the year 1717.

Our coveted District was constituted in the year 1838 and nomenclated as “Provincial Grand Lodge of Western India”, though it has been renamed a number of times since then and the territories under it have been modified periodically and the number of Daughter Lodges have been depleting from time to time.

Currently, we are governed by the Concordat between the four Constitutions which prohibits us from Constituting new Daughter Lodges in India, hence, we need to collectively ensure that the flag of Scottish Freemasonry furls high and we do not step on the threshold of extinction. Towards this end, we have to set our sights on acquainting the younger lot of Masons with the finer nuances of Masonry and encouraging them to gradually take over the reins of our venerated Order and restore Scottish Freemasonry to its pristine glory, albeit even partially. The current depleted might is sequel to and reminiscent of the times when a large number of Lodges migrated to the Indian Constitution in 1962 when the Grand Lodge of India was formed.

Masonry is imbedded in our hearts and minds and has inculcated its values, principles and tenets in our character and personae which is to be inculcated in the minds of to future generations. Hence, I beseech each and every one of my Brethren to work towards this aim and success shall certainly ensue.

I wish you every success in your endeavours and also beseech Heavenly Blessings to keep you all and your dear ones not only happy, joyous, healthy and prosperous, but also successful in all your professional endeavours.

With Warm Fraternal greetings,
Bro. Kersi Jamshedji Limathwalla.