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The District Grand Lodge of India, Scottish Constitution, have started their YouTube channel. The first lecture was given by our Rt Wor DGM Bro Kersi Limathwalla. Please subscribe and click the notification button above to stay tuned for our future videos.

View RWDGM Bro Kersi Limathwalla's interesting talk entitled "Insights into the Tracing Board of the First Degree"


We give below some of the communications released by The District Grand Lodge of India SC and/or by our District Grand Master:

Newsletters of The District Grand Lodge of India, Scottish Constitution

A newsletter has been started to keep members abreast of the happenings within Scottish Freemasonry in India. These are meant to keep visitors enlightened about activities happening in different parts of India by Lodges and the District.

We have put on the web the journals published by The District Grand Lodge of India, Scottish Constitution. To view the journals please click on the issue of your interest. We will update this page as soon as a new issue is released; so please visit again to keep abreast. To get an email notification whenever a new issue is put on-line, simply enter your email address in the box given below and click on the "OK" button. To search any of the issues for specific content, you can go to the search page here.

Be notified when new issues are uploaded

After a gap of eleven years, the "Indian Mason" has resumed with a new editorial board. We continue archive the issues on this website. As these are print quality files, they are large in size (approx 5MB).

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