Lodge Light of Iran No. 1498 at Udvada, Gujarat State

Constituted on 3rd February 1955
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The Lodge meets at Udvada (in the state of Gujarat), which is on the West Coast of India, about 220 kms. north of Mumbai. It is an important destination for the Parsis of the world. Parsis (the original migrants/refugees of erstwhile Persia) practising the Zoroastrian religion revere this place as it houses their first place of worship built by them in India when they fled Persia to escape religious persecution. The village of Udvada has very few of the original Parsi residents; suffering from the bane of modernisation; wherein most of the populance has migrated to cities like Mumbai or Surat. It was particularly interesting to note that this noble, ancient religion finds a place in the highest rung of Freemasonry. It forms part of the study for the conferment 32nd Degree as conferred in parts of the USA. To know more about the deep study of Zoroastrianism in the confering of the 32nd Degree in the USA, you can refer to the news-letters of "The Freemason". Click here to view the news-letters.

The Banner of the Lodge depicts Masonic and Zoroastrian symbols, in keeping with it's historic and religious location.

The apron and collar of the Lodge. It is a brightly coloured apron and collar combining Scottish and Zoroastrian colours.

The Past Masters Jewel, presented to an outgoing Master for services rendered to the Lodge during his tenure, also contains Masonic and Zoroastrian motifs.